Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sugarpill Cosmetics Review

Today I wanted to share with you swatches and a quick review of one of my favorite bright colored eyeshadow companies! Sugarpill cosmetics is simply amazing.  Each time I get a package in the mail from them I am completely blown away.  The pigmentation speaks for itself.  If you love bright colors don't overlook this company! Not only are the prices more than reasonable, the pigmentation itself will have these eye shadows lasting you a very long time. 

First up are the eyeshadow quads:
The sweetheart palette contains a bright grassy green called Midori with a slight shimmer, a bright neon matte hot pink called Dollipop, a matte white called Tako (I use this almost every day for a brow-bone highlight), and lastly a bright medium blue with a satin sheen called After party.  All these can be purchased individually or in the palette.
Swatches with a base:
As you can see these are highly pigmented I barely touched the eye shadows.  Beware however these can stain the skin a little so I use an oil based makeup remover. 

Next up is The Burning Heart Palette:
This features an intense matte yellow called Buttercupcake and is very similar to MAC's Chrome Yellow e/s however this one is more pigmented and easier to work with, Poison Plum is a bright purple that is very unique this is a matte finish as well, Flamepoint is a bright matte orange which is similar to MAC's Orange e/s, and Love+ which is a very unique bright red.

These quads retail for $34.00 at

Next are the Chromalusts which are basically pigments with a sparkly finish.  I have a few to show you and am adding to my collection every few months more of these pigments.

My camera failed to pick up the awesomeness of these but it will give you a general idea for the colors I have starting from the left, Lumi an iridescent white that reflects teal pearl, Decora a bright pink that doesn't make me look ill for once! Decora reflects lime green pearl, Darling which is an aqua green turquoise that reflects light blue and teal pearl, Stella which is my favorite black ever it has a rainbow of sparkle to it, and lastly Tiara which is a metallic silver with silver shimmers. 
 These pigments retail for $12.00 and you get a hefty 5 grams of product!

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